Pantalla de control táctil QSC TSC-7T

La pantalla de control táctil QSC TSC-7T combina la tecnología táctil capacitiva con un brillante LCD de 400 nits, 800x480 a todo color por el control de sistemas Q-SYS. Control de la pantalla táctil es la interfaz de usuario ideal para el TSC-7t combina la tecnología táctil capacitiva con un brillante de 400 nits, 800 x 480 LCD a todo color por el control de un sistema Q-SYS estado de la técnica. Control de la pantalla táctil es la interfaz de usuario ideal para sistemas sofisticados en los que controlan las necesidades pueden variar desde unos parámetros simples, recordar de instantáneas globales.

QSC ofrece una familia de controladores de pantalla táctil para los sistemas de audio de red Q-Sys. La filosofía QSC en periféricos de control es sencillo: en lugar de añadir botones y otros controles dedicados, empleamos los paneles táctiles basados en red totalmente configurables que se pueden personalizar con los gráficos, así como faders virtuales, botones, medidores, indicadores y otros controles, para lo último en flexibilidad.

Principales características de la Pantalla de control táctil QSC TSC-7T

  • Consolidate Dialing and Control: In addition to the dialing functionality for your conferences, this 7" screen (800px x 480px) can be used to control a myriad of third-party devices prevalent in boardrooms and meeting rooms via the Core (no additional control processor box required).
  • BYOD Options: Allows meeting participants to easily run UC or web conferencing applications on their own devices and interface 2-way audio from that device to the Q-SYS™ system, either wirelessly using TSC-7t’s Bluetooth capability, or wired using its Micro USB AB On-The-Go (OTG 2.0) connection.
  • Capacitive Touch Technology: Eliminates physical knobs and buttons increasing product reliability.
  • Single drop PoE cabling: Ethernet connection for simplified wire terminations without the need for additional power wiring.
  • Table Mounting System: Carefully designed weighted base with rubber pad prevents the touchscreen from sliding, while the included threaded brass Mounting Post offers permanent through-table mounting with clean cable management
  • Redundancy Options: TSC-7t provides two network ports for connection back to the Q-Sys Core.

Especificaciones técnicas de la Pantalla de control táctil QSC TSC-7T

Preliminary Specifications
Front Panel Controls 7”, capacitive touch surface
LCD Innolux LCD
Luminance 400 nits (400 lumen/candela per square meter)
Resolution 800 x 480
Power Requirements +12V DC
Power Source
PoE (Power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3af class 3 device via LAN A
Optional External Source (not included) 12VDC @ 1A (12W)
Barrel connector:
Negative contact – 5mm OD
Positive contact – 2.5mm ID
Rear Panel Connectors
RJ45 (x2) LAN A (PoE) and LAN B ports (10/100/1000 Mbps)
USB Micro AB Type USB OTG 2.0
Barrel connector: Power inlet Accommodates +12 VDC power supply
Reset button Recessed button - Use a paper clip or similar tool to reset the unit.
Included Accessories Mounting Post for permanent through-table mounting and cable management
Dimensions (HWD) 4.75''(121mm) x 7.75'(197mm) x 5''(127mm)
Weight (Net) TBD

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