Extender HDMI sobre Ethernet Atlona AT-HDTX

El Extender HDMI sobre Ethernet Atlona AT-HDTX es un transmisor HDBaseT ™ para la transmisión HDMI sobre la categoría de cable. Proporciona un medio económico de ampliar las señales de vídeo de 1080p / 60Hz con incrustado audio multicanal de hasta 230 pies (70 metros) y 4K / UHD en cuanto a 130 pies (40 metros). El extender HDMI sobre Ethernet Atlona AT-HDTX cuenta con alimentación a través de cable de categoría (POCC) para la alimentación de receptores Atlona compatibles. El extender HDMI sobre Ethernet Atlona AT-HDTX es ideal para el presupuesto de usar, la transmisión a larga distancia de las pantallas en las salas, escenarios educativos y entornos residenciales de reuniones cuando no se necesita control de visualización.

Principales características del Extender HDMI sobre Ethernet Atlona AT-HDTX

  • Long distance HDMI extension
    • Transmits HDMI signals up to 230 ft (70 m) @ 1080P and 130 ft (40 m) @ 4K/UHD using CAT6a/7 cable.
    • Uses easy-to-integrate category cable for low-cost, reliable system installation.
  • Power over Category cable for remote-powered HDBaseT receiver
    • Provides remote power to Atlona HDRX Series and HDWP Series receivers over the same category cable used for AV and control signals.
    • Eliminates local AC outlet required at receiver, cleans up the installation behind displays, plus saves time and integration costs.
  • Field updatable firmware
    • Front panel USB port provides an easy means for kit upgrades.
    • Ensures long term system return on investment.
  • Front panel power and status LEDs
    • LED indicators provide Power and Link status information.
    • Provides easy setup and troubleshooting.
  • Multi-channel audio compliant
    • Supports PCM, Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, DTS Digital Surround™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™.
    • Allows any multi-channel audio stream to be used within a professional audio system.
  • CEC pass-through
    • Allows Consumer Electronics Control commands – if implemented – to pass between devices.
    • Simplified user control of entire system with one remote.
  • Compact, 1 in (25 mm) high and 2.9 in (73 mm) wide enclosure
    • Easy installation into system racks and confined spaces.
    • Saves rack space and keeps devices out-of-sight when placed in public spaces.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • External, international desktop power supply.
  • Award-winning 10 Year Limited Product Warranty
    • Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems.
    • Specify, purchase, and install with confidence.

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