Altavoces en arreglo lineal QSC Wl2082-i

Los Altavoces en arreglo lineal QSC Wl2082-i son un sistema de Line Array para instalaciones fijas, permite las siguientes configuraciones: 3 Vias, Bi-Amp y Tri-Amp, incluye dual woofer con imanes de neodimio 8" LF 200W 16Ω, diafragma dual de titanio con imanes de neodimio HF 50W 8Ω, ángulo de cobertura de 140°. Disponible en color blanco o negro.

La serie WideLine de QSC es un sistema de altavoces de arreglo en línea de rango completo diseñado para su uso en una amplia variedad de lugares, que van desde salones de baile, teatros y discotecas a las salas de conciertos, lugares de culto y arenas. El WideLine cuenta con un proceso abierto, la calidad de sonido natural y excepcionalmente amplio patrón de cobertura horizontal de 140° - la mayor cantidad de cualquier sistema line array disponible en la actualidad.

Principales características de los Altavoces en arreglo lineal QSC Wl2082-i

WL2082-i line array

  • Installation-optimized design brings affordable and uncompromised line array performance to a broader range of venues.
  • Compact and attractive appearance, available in black and white, harmonizes with any installation environment.
  • Wide 140° horizontal coverage.
  • Economical and easy-to-install suspension system with ample array adjustability.

WL118-sw subwoofer

  • Single 18" subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure.
  • 850 watt continuous power capacity.
  • Frequency range down to 29 Hz.
  • May be suspended at the top, or behind the WL2082-i array.
  • Available in black or white to harmonize with venue décor.

SC28 System Controller

  • Intrinsic Correction for superior line array sound quality.
  • Simplified setup - input a few basic parameters and the SC28 does the rest.
  • Advanced subwoofer management.
  • Uncompromised audio performance - used on major national tours.

CMX Series Power Amplifiers

  • Proven, reliable amp with superb sound quality.
  • Presets are pre-programmed into the SC28 processor.
  • High power - only 3x CMX2000V amplifiers plus one CMX800V needed to power a pair of 6+2 arrays.

Especificaciones técnicas de los Altavoces en arreglo lineal QSC Wl2082-i

Configuration 2½ way, biamp or triamp Vented box
High Frequency Dual 50 W 8Ω 1" exit, 1.75" titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet assembly --
Low Frequency Dual 200 W 16Ω 8" woofers, 2" voice coils, neodymium magnet assemblies, weather resistant cone 850 W, 8Ω 18" woofer with a 4" voice coil, ceramic magnet assembly
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 80 Hz - 20 kHz 32 Hz - 200 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 68 Hz - 22 kHz 29 Hz - 800 Hz
Nominal Impedance HF: 16Ω
LF biamp mode: 8Ω
LF triamp mode: 16Ω (×2)
LF: 8Ω
Sensitivity  HF: 106 dB
LF: 97 dB
(4 V @ 1 m) 
98 dB
(2.83 V @ 1 m) 
Continuous Power Capacity 1 

HF: 100 W
LF biamp mode: 400 W
LF triamp mode: 200 W (×2)
LF: 850 W
Recommended Power HF: 200 W
LF biamp mode: 800 W
LF triamp mode: 400 W (×2)
LF: 1750 W
Maximum Output (dB SPL at 1 m) 
Continuous / Peak
HF: 126 dB / 132 dB 
LF: 122 dB / 128 dB 
LF: 128.5 dB / 134.5 dB
Nominal Coverage Horizontal 140 degrees 
Vertical: dependent on number of elements used
Cabinet Type Ported, elliptical / trapezoidal Vented subwoofer
Enclosure Material HIPS (high impact polystyrene) with UV protectant 18 mm Baltic Birch Plywood
Finish Available in black (WL2082-i BLK) or white (WL2082-i WHT) paintable Available in black (WL118-sw BLK) or white (WL118-sw WHT) paintable
Grille Perforated, formed aluminum 16 gauge powder-coated steel with cloth backing
Connectors 2 x NL-8 in parallel 2 x NL8 in parallel / 2 x NL4 in parallel
Pin Outs
Pins Bi-amp Tri-amp
1+/1- NC NC
2+/2- NC LF2
3+/3- LF LF1
4+/4- HF HF
1+/1- Sub
2+/2- Pass thru
3+/3- Pass thru
4+/4- Pass thru
1+/1- Sub
2+/2- Pass thru
Attachment Points Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system, vertical splay adjustable in 1° increments from 0° - 10° Integral, non-adjustable (straight array only)
Dimensions 11.8" H x 27" W x 13.4" D
(300 mm x 686 mm x 340 mm)
22.1" H x 27.6" W x 30.3" D 
(562 mm x 702 mm x 771 mm)
Weight 37 lb (16.8 kg) net
45 lb (20.45 kg) shipping
111 lb (50.4 kg) net
121 lb (55 kg) shipping
Accessories Available
  • FB2082-i: Fly-bar for WL2082-i, WL118-sw and WL115-sw. Available in black or white.
  • EB2082-i: Extension bar, allows WL118-sw or WL115-sw to be suspended behind WL2082-i. Available in black or white.
  • PB2082-i: Pullback bar for WL2082-i. Pulls the bottom of the array back to achieve the desired angle. Available in black or white.
  • AB2082-i: Angle bracket, allows greater vertical splay between WL2082-i and WL118-sw or WL115-sw enclosures in ground stacked configurations. Available in black. Requires two brackets per array, sold individually.
  • GS115-sw: Ground stack kit for WL118-sw or WL115-sw.
  • QRP-KIT-1: Kit of four quick-release pins for use in lieu of included bolts.

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